Announcing the “Getting started with the Java Client Library” video series

Today, we are pleased to announce a new video series just published on our YouTube channel, titled “Getting started with the Java Client Library”.

The seven episodes guide you through all the steps required to create a Google Ads campaign with the Java client library from scratch; the only prerequisites are a working Java development environment and a Google Ads manager account.

The videos walk you through the setup of an empty Java project and the import of the Google Ads client library for Java, then describe the process to obtain all required credentials and how to configure them in your Java project.

The last video in the series puts everything together and shows how to execute a basic call to the Google Ads API by running the AddCampaigns code example.

We hope the video series will help you understand all the required steps to get started developing a Java application on top of the Google Ads API. Meanwhile, even if you’re not using Java, we still recommend subscribing to the Google Ads Developers channel on YouTube to always be up to date with our video content.