AdWords API has Officially Sunset

As previously announced, the error rate for requests to the AdWords API will start increasing toward 100% beginning on May 31, 2022. If you are currently using the AdWords API, you need to upgrade to the Google Ads API now or your applications will experience an increased rate of errors per the schedule below:
Starting Date AdWords API Error Rate
June 1, 2022 50% errors
July 1, 2022 60% errors
July 8, 2022 70% errors
July 15, 2022 80% errors
July 22, 2022 90% errors
July 31, 2022 100% errors
Starting July 31, 2022 all requests to the AdWords API will fail.

Where do I start?
See the following resources to get started: Here are some tools to help you migrate: Where can I get support?
If you have questions while you’re upgrading, please reach out to us on the forum or at [email protected].