A new Java framework for large-scale AdWords API alerting

When managing multiple AdWords accounts, it’s critical to identify underperforming ads and accounts in a timely manner. For account managers, these alerts are useful information to promptly solve issues and maintain ads quality.

To reduce the technical barrier of the alerting workflow implementation, we are happy to announce Alerting Framework on Adwords, an open source Java framework for large scale AdWords API alerting. This framework is capable of generating alerts for all accounts under the specified manager account, which includes downloading AdWords report data, combining it with other data feeds, processing them to trigger relevant alerts, and delivering the alert messages to the proper destination. You can use our sample alerts to explore how it works, or set up your own alerting logic by implementing custom alert entities and plugging them into the system.

Get started at the Alerting Framework on AdWords GitHub repository. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please visit the project issue tracker, AdWords API Forum, or our Google+ page.