A new guide to help you upgrade to Performance Max using the Google Ads API

Do you want to discover if Performance Max can provide additional benefits beyond your existing campaigns?
Are you interested in upgrading existing campaigns to Performance Max?
Do you need to scale your upgrades using the Google Ads API?

What’s new
If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then the new Upgrade to Performance Max guide can help. In this guide you will discover:
  • A summary of the benefits available in Performance Max
  • Steps to assist you managing the upgrade process
  • Eligibility information to help you understand which existing campaigns you are able to upgrade using the Google Ads API
  • Recommendations to compare reporting between existing campaigns and Performance Max campaigns
  • Enhancements you can make to improve your upgraded campaign
Feedback and support
If you have further questions or concerns about upgrading to Performance Max, we want to hear from you. Please provide any feedback on the upgrade process or Performance Max using our feedback page. If you require further support with your upgrade, please reach out to our team via one of our support channels.