4 YouTube series to watch on Google for Creators

For many creators, YouTube is a go-to learning resource. That’s why we’ve created a series of entertaining and educational videos for the Google for Creators YouTube channel. Through interviews, hosted shows, tutorials and roundups, you’ll hear from successful creators sharing useful tips, strategies and best practices for making and monetizing content.

Here’s a little about each of our video series to help you get acquainted with the Google for Creators YouTube channel.

A woman with blonde hair in striped pajamas scrolls through her phone in bed. She is leaning against a white pillow with brown buttons.

On an episode of “Creator Insights,” holistic wellness blogger Andi Eaton stresses the importance of finding work-life balance.

Creator Insights

Creator Insights taps into the expertise of successful content makers sharing their top insights and advice. Featured creators host a series of episodes, each one diving into a specific topic. Whether you’re interested in the value of evergreen content or the importance of setting boundaries to achieve work-life balance, you’ll get advice and easy-to-follow strategies to help you on your own creative journey. Recent Creator Insights contributors include lifestyle and beauty blogger Keiko Lynn, holistic wellness influencer Andi Eaton, and Black food and culture digital content makers Eden Hagos and Elle Asiedu — with many more to follow.

A split screen shows a bearded man in a black long sleeve shirt on the left, and a woman with long, curly hair in a light purple shirt on the right.

Google for Creators’ Raunak Mahesh interviews fashion blogger Tokes on an episode of "Creator Spotlight."

Creator Spotlight

Through one-on-one interviews, Creator Spotlight pulls the curtain back on interesting people creating unique online content. Learn from creators like fashion blogger Tokes of Tokes’ Take on Style about engaging your audience through live streaming; CityGirl Meets FarmBoy’s Kelly Ballard on growing an audience through Pinterest; Laughing Squid creator Scott Beale on curating viral content; and blogging expert Ryan Robinson on the ins and outs of creating online courses.

A man in a dark blue shirt stands in a room with color artwork, windows and a wraparound couch in the background. He is speaking to the camera, and a caption below reads “Ep. 38 Storytime.”

Shishir Malani hosts an episode of “Storytime” about using metrics to measure the impact of your Web Story.


Follow along with Storytime, a weekly video series with guides for making and sharing compelling Web Stories — Google’s tappable visual stories format. Storytime gives step-by-step tutorials on Web Stories tools and features, including layout, design and monetization, to help you become a Web Stories master.

A bearded man in glasses wearing a white hooded shirt and standing in front of a blue background holds out his hands while talking to the camera. He is surrounded by two purple graphic shapes and is framed within a light, white frame.

Google for Creators’ Paul Bakaus hosts the debut episode of “The Creator Update,” a rundown of the latest trends in the creator industry.

The Creator Update

If you’re having trouble keeping up with the latest trends in the creator economy, you’re not alone. Google for Creators recently launched its weekly video series, The Creator Update, to help with just that. This hosted show shares trending topics in a bite-sized format, with a quick rundown of the latest tools, websites and people making a buzz in the creator community.

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