Author Archives: YouTube, Susan Wojcicki and her husband, Dennis Troper, support families experiencing homelessness with $1.35 million grant

San Francisco Mayor London Breed and Susan Wojcicki

Today, CEO Susan Wojcicki stood with San Francisco Mayor London Breed at Hamilton Families, a nonprofit organization that supports families experiencing homelessness, and announced a combined grant of $1.35 million to the program. The grant comes from and from Wojcicki and her husband, Dennis Troper.

Here are her remarks from this afternoon:

"Thank you, Mayor Breed. I’m so glad to be here with you, and all of your leadership in fighting homelessness. I also wanted to say thank you to everyone here at Hamilton Families and the impact you've had in our community and in the lives of so many families.

Sometimes the scale of an issue can make us feel like it’s impossible to solve.

And even though we know it’s important, we wind up doing nothing because it feels overwhelming for us.

The work at Hamilton Families shows how we can make a difference in a tangible way, one family at a time.

Over the years, I’ve always recognized how serious a problem of homelessness is in the Bay Area, and I’ve contributed  along with my husband — to support many local organizations that help meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness.

I’m here today because of an idea that first started with a school project. Earlier this year, my daughter worked on a project about homelessness.

As I listened to her questions and reactions, I realized I didn’t have a lot of answers for something that was so important and affecting so many families. We spent time researching different solutions, including coming here, and that’s how we got in touch with Hamilton Families.

We were impressed by the services offered here that give families a fresh start.

And that’s why we’re gathered today  to announce a new grant to further support all the incredible efforts done by Hamilton Families to find families permanent homes, and along the way meet their needs by providing shelter, meals, and more. We appreciate everything you do, from offering counseling and job resources to giving children the chance to succeed at school.

Today, is contributing $850,000. And together with my husband, Dennis, we’re contributing $500,000  for a total of $1.35 million to boost the work of Hamilton Families.

Over the next year, this grant will make an impact in our communities, and it will help Hamilton serve 700 families and find housing for another 200.

And it will also fund an outreach effort  a series of videos and podcasts  that will tell the stories of individuals who are facing homelessness.

Our goal is to help the community understand the problems that can lead to homelessness and also inspire others to get involved in whatever way they can.

Sometimes, the greatest gift we can offer is our time. And in that spirit, next year, we will organize an event for the YouTube employees to come to the shelter. We're very excited about that.

Homelessness is an incredibly complicated challenge for our society. But if we all come together to look out for one another, our combined contributions can make a big difference."

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Can anyone match Freddie Mercury’s legendary voice? Queen and YouTube Music are challenging fans to find out!

"Bohemian Rhapsody" is considered one of the greatest rock songs of all time, so it’s no wonder the music video recently hit 1 billion views on YouTube. For decades, fans have belted out the song’s iconic lyrics alongside Freddie Mercury’s one-of-a-kind vocals, but how many can really sing it just like Freddie? YouTube, Google Creative Lab, and Google Research — working in partnership with Queen, Universal Music Group and Hollywood Records — have built a new AI experiment called FreddieMeter to find out!

Released in support of Mercury Phoenix Trust, a charity founded by Brian May, Roger Taylor and Jim Beach to raise awareness and funds for the fight against HIV/AIDS, and in honor of the 44th anniversary of the band’s first-ever live performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” at the Empire Theater, Liverpool, U.K in November 1975; FreddieMeter was created to let fans around the world determine how closely their singing matches the voice of Queen’s legendary frontman, Freddie Mercury.

FreddieMeter shows users how closely their voice matches Freddie Mercury’s legendary range by analyzing the singer’s pitch, timbre, and melody to assign them a score of 0 to 100. Queen fans, killer impressionists, and anyone who enjoys a little karaoke and are ready to step up to the challenge can get started by doing the following:

  • SING: Pick one of four QUEEN songs on the microsite ("Bohemian Rhapsody," "Don’t Stop Me Now," "Somebody to Love" or "We Are the Champions") and sing your heart out!
  • SHARE: Get your score and share! Download the custom scorecard asset directly to your device, then share it on YouTube Stories, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • CHALLENGE: Using the hashtag #FreddieChallenge on social channels, challenge three friends to see how they measure up.

Google Creative Lab and Google Research created FreddieMeter using new on-device machine learning models, and it’s been trained on Freddie’s isolated vocals, as well as samples of people trying to sing like Freddie. FreddieMeter is trained on and optimized for individual singers and works on desktop, Android and iPhone devices, and the audio doesn’t get uploaded to any servers to be analyzed, so all vocals stay totally private unless shared by the user.

FreddieMeter continues YouTube’s celebration of Queen’s music and “Bohemian Rhapsody’s” 1 billion views milestone, which coincided with the release of a newly remastered HD version of the video. The achievement made history with the anthem being the first pre-1990s video to reach one billion views on the platform.

In partnership with Universal Music Group and Hollywood Records, YouTube also recently launched ‘You Are The Champions,’ a unique campaign that gave fans an exclusive chance to become a part of Queen history with a starring role in brand-new, user-generated videos for three of the band’s most celebrated tracks: “A Kind of Magic,” “Don’t Stop Me Now” and the iconic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The results were pulled from more than 10,000 submissions from more than 120 countries around the world, showing the depth and love for Queen and Freddie amongst their loyal global fanbase.

To take on the #FreddieChallenge now or find out more about FreddieMeter, visit

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Nate Boyer: From Green Beret to the starting lineup

Nate Boyer at the Texas Longhorns stadium. (YouTube)

Nate Boyer is no ordinary football player. While being deployed in Afghanistan, the former Green Beret learned how to play football by watching YouTube tutorials. At age 30, after practicing relentlessly, Boyer joined the Texas Longhorns as the team’s long snapper.

YouTube caught up with Boyer in advance of Veterans Day to learn more about his journey from the military to the football field, and to get his advice for others who might want to follow in his footsteps.

YouTube: Today is Veterans Day. What does this day mean to you?

Nate Boyer: Veterans Day for me is a time for us all to come together — veterans, civilians, families, everybody — to recognize those who have defended this country. In particular, it’s important to me that we honor the vets who didn’t come home to the same kind of appreciation that we get today, especially Vietnam vets. It’s also an important moment for vets to recognize each other and ourselves. It’s okay to receive that appreciation and pat yourself on the back; you’re somebody who was willing to make a sacrifice for their country.

YouTube: Your story is incredibly inspiring for many young people. What would you say to a kid who dreams of making it in the big leagues?

NB: I’m a testament that anything is possible. I’m not a great athlete. I’m good, but not great. I’m not very big. I was too old, too inexperienced. I had every reason to not even try. I knew I was capable, because of my experience in the military, and that’s what gave me the confidence to go all-in and chase my dream. But it’s important for all young people to know that they can keep plugging away, against all odds. Don’t quit, and you’ll get better every day. Be okay with the process and understand that it takes time to improve. It will happen.You will achieve some success and you will probably get a lot farther than you had imagined.

YouTube: How can we help?

NB: The cool thing about YouTube is that it helps you see what is possible. I had a dream that I wanted to make come true for myself, to play college football. People have dreams and crazy ideas, and they wonder if it’s possible to make it happen. On YouTube, you can find all kinds of examples of what other people have made happen for themselves, and it makes you believe that your dreams are possible, that there is a path you can follow. We’re all capable. We need to believe that we can take a chance to follow our dreams.

If you can dream it, you can YouTube it. If you can YouTube it, you can do it.

YouTube: What else have you learned from watching YouTube?

NB: I have learned all kinds of things around the house: how to replace the lightbulb in my headlight, putting together a bed, following recipes. I’m now working in film and television, and I even use YouTube to learn about acting and hosting. You can learn anything from YouTube.

— The YouTube Team

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Introducing a fresh new look for YouTube on desktop and tablets

Starting today, we’re bringing you the new YouTube homepage — a design that brings more features to the viewing experience on Home to help you find the next great video to watch. The updated design will begin rolling out today across desktops and YouTube apps on Android and iOS tablets, and will be available to everyone soon. Here’s what you can expect to see:

More easily find the next great video to watch

This new look includes longer video titles and larger, richer thumbnails to give you clearer information about the video at a glance, plus higher resolution video previews. As part of this cleaner design, you’ll notice we’ve also removed some content shelves. You can still find rows of videos for breaking news, music mixes, and more.

When browsing on Home, you’ll also see channel icons below each video making it easier to recognize your favorite creators and content you love.

Customize what to watch next with your queue

You’ve told us you want a better way to queue up the next video to watch, so we’re introducing the option to add to queue on desktop. You can select a handful of videos to watch next without interrupting the video you’re currently watching. Videos in your queue won't save after you've closed your browser, but you can always save videos to your permanent "Watch Later" playlist, too.

Remove suggestions from channels you don’t want to watch

We launched a feature on mobile earlier this year to make it even simpler for you to tell us to stop suggesting videos from a particular channel, and today we’re bringing this to desktop. Just select the three-dot menu next to a video on the homepage, then select “Don’t recommend channel.” After that, you should no longer see videos from that channel suggested to you on the YouTube homepage. You may still be able to find these videos if you search for them, or visit the channel page or Trending tab.

Coming soon: select topics to refine your Homepage and Up Next videos

Earlier this year, we added a new feature to the YouTube Android app that lets you select your favorite topics and customize your Home feed with related videos. We’ll be releasing it on desktop and tablets soon!

We’ve been experimenting with this updated design for a few months and — based on your input — have made dozens of improvements to the layout, most notably adjusting the thumbnail sizes and showing more videos on larger screens. We’re excited to roll this out to everyone, and we hope you’ll find the updated design and new features helpful as you navigate the incredible breadth of content available on YouTube.

Posted by Essam El-Dardiry, Senior Product Manager

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YouTube Announces First-Ever ‘Cash Fest’ Event in Nashville on November 10 Celebrating Release of YouTube Originals Documentary ‘The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash’

‘Cash Fest’ to Celebrate the Music of the Legendary Johnny Cash with Charity Concert Featuring Performances from Little Big Town, Perry & Etty Farrell, Matt Shultz Of Cage The Elephant, Elle King, Midland, Judah & The Lion, Cam, Grace Potter and More. Tickets on Sale Today!

In celebration of the November 11 premiere of the YouTube Originals documentary, "The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash," The Johnny Cash Trust and The Best Fest, in partnership with YouTube, are bringing fans the first-ever Cash Fest, an unprecedented charity concert in Nashville honoring the music of the legendary Johnny Cash. The revue-style show, taking place November 10 at the War Memorial Auditorium, will feature an all-star lineup performing their favorite Johnny Cash songsincluding Drew & Ellie Holcomb, Devin Dawson, John Oates, Lucie Silvas, Wilder Woods, and more. Tickets for the event are available now: Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit MusiCares®, helping musicians with critical assistance in times of need.
In addition to the stellar Cash Fest lineup of all-stars, the event will also feature an incredible house band of seasoned musicians that have shared the stage with some of music’s most celebrated artists. Johnny Cash fans in the audience will also get a sneak peek of the documentary, with clips playing throughout the evening ahead of its YouTube debut.

The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash (TRAILER), created with the full cooperation of the Cash estate and rich in recently discovered archival materials, brings Cash the man out from behind the legend. Taking the remarkable Folsom Prison recording as a central motif and featuring interviews with family and celebrated collaborators, the 90-minute documentary from Emmy Award-winning director Thom Zimny (Elvis Presley: The Searcher, Springsteen on Broadway) explores the artistic victories, the personal tragedies, the struggles with addiction, and the spiritual pursuits that colored Johnny Cash's life. The documentary will be available for free on YouTube Originals on November 11.

"The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash" is directed by Thom Zimny and produced by Thom Zimny, Glen Zipper, Sean Stuart and Jillian Apfelbaum. Frank Marshall, Ryan Suffern, Jeff Pollack, John Carter Cash, Josh Matas, Dan Friedkin, Bradley Thomas, Ryan Friedkin and Jasmine Daghighian serve as executive producers. The documentary is an Imperative Entertainment and Kennedy/Marshall production in association with Sutter Road Picture Company and The John R Cash Trust. The original composition for this project was composed and performed by Mike McCready. The documentary originally made its debut in March at the SXSW Film Festival and also screened recently at the 50th Annual Nashville Film Festival and the Telluride Film Festival as part of the event’s Backlot Series. "The Gift: The Journey Of Johnny Cash: Original Score Music From A Film By Thom Zimny," will be released in November by Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

To purchase tickets to Cash Fest, please visit All ticket net proceeds will benefit MusiCares. For event details, please visit Follow @youtubemusic on social for additional behind-the-scenes event captures.

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Queen and YouTube Present Three New Fan Music Videos for ‘You Are the Champions’ Campaign

More Than 10,000 Fans From Over 120 Countries Helped Create New Fan Music Videos for Queen’s Iconic Songs: “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Don’t Stop Me Now,” and “A Kind Of Magic”
In celebration of “Bohemian Rhapsody” becoming the the first pre-1990s video to reach one billion views on YouTube, Queen and YouTube Music worked together with Universal Music Group and Hollywood Records to enlist the band's loyal fans from around the world to help create brand-new, user generated fan music videos for three of the band’s most recognizable tracks: “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Don’t Stop Me Now,” and “A Kind Of Magic” as part of the You Are The Champions initiative.
More than 10,000 fans from over 120 countries around the world answered the call, submitting unique content via the microsite, with each video focusing on one of three submission categories. The result is one of the world’s biggest musical collaborations: including a musician/singer performance-based video for “Bohemian Rhapsody,” an entire dance-based video for “Don’t Stop Me Now,” and a montage of bespoke work from visual artists for “A Kind of Magic.”
A true celebration of the band’s unique connection with their fans around the world, the videos show the band represented by multiple generations from every continent. To celebrate the launch of the videos, Queen’s Roger Taylor said, “Glad you could all join us. Welcome.”
Brian May said, “It’s one of the most rewarding things that can happen to an artist of any kind—to see that our work has inspired folk all around the world to create their own performances and visual art is a thrill. And the diversity of their vision is astonishing. Big thanks to everyone who participated.”
More below about the new fan-created music videos!
Don't Stop Me Now”: Polly Bennett, the choreographer who worked with Rami Malek for the film Bohemian Rhapsody, created a unique dance for fans to learn and film for this classic Queen song. More than 1,800 videos were submitted from individuals, groups, ballerinas, ice skaters and a few Freddie Mercury impersonators as well. The final video resulted in a choreographed performance with fans from all over the world dancing together as one.
Bohemian Rhapsody”: Musicians and singers from around the globe were asked to submit footage of themselves performing the song and more than 5,400 from 110 countries answered the call, including harpists, classical musicians, a bassoonist and even a group of xylophonists! The result is a layering of performances from fans all over the world, playing and singing in unison to recreate the iconic track.
A Kind Of Magic”: Visual artists submitted individual artwork in the medium of their choosing to depict the lyrics and melody of this iconic song. 2,773 artists from 92 countries submitted for the video, and the end result is a visual symphony of fan art that pays homage to the song’s lyrics and diverse representations of the band’s members dreamed in paint, animation, graphic designs, sand, flowers, and more. Check out the final videos, along with Queen’s catalog of classics on Queen’s official YouTube channel.

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YouTube Music App now preinstalled on Android 10 devices

YouTube Music is your personal guide through the complete world of music—whether it’s a hot new song, hard to find gem, or an unmissable music video. Music fans on Android phones can now easily unlock the magic of YouTube Music, which will come installed on all new devices launching with Android 10 (and Android 9), including the Pixel series.
Music listeners on Android devices are now just a few taps away from streaming their go-to tracks and discovering new music. From the gym, to the car, to work—it’s all here, right in your back pocket. Discover official songs, albums and playlists, music videos, remixes, live performances, hard-to-find music, and more. Whatever your mood, we’ve got you covered.
Once you’ve started your new device, just look for the YouTube Music icon and start listening! And if you don’t have Android 10 yet, don’t stress—simply visit the Play Store to get the app.
In addition to YouTube Music, Android 10 brings new features like suggested actions in Smart Reply, improved Digital Wellbeing tools, Dark theme, and much more. Google Play Music listeners with new Android 10 devices can continue to enjoy Google Play Music by downloading it from the Play Store and logging in to their accounts.
Brandon Bilinski, Product Manager - YouTube Music
Brandon recently listened to The Man Who Married a Robot / Love Theme by The 1975.

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Appeal of Conscience Foundation Remarks

The following speech was delivered last night by Susan Wojcicki at the Appeal of Conscience Foundation Awards Dinner. Founded in 1965, the Appeal of Conscience Foundation is an interfaith coalition of business and religious leaders that works to promote religious freedom and human rights throughout the world.

It’s an honor to be here tonight.

You’ve helped create a more peaceful world, and your work to bring diverse voices together is particularly important to me.

I have a deep appreciation for interfaith discussions, since I saw them around the kitchen table in my childhood. My mother came from a religious Jewish family and my father came from a Polish Catholic family. And as a result, I grew up learning to accept and appreciate so many different points of view.

For more than 50 years, the Appeal of Conscience Foundation has promoted mutual understanding.

At YouTube, we haven’t been around quite as longjust 14 years, to be exact. But we have a similar mission. We’re enabling understanding through digital dialogue, and we’re bringing people together with shared interests in virtual communities.

I was lucky I was one of the few people in the world to see online videos when this medium started. The first video I saw was of some purple puppets singing in a foreign language. I wasn’t sure what to think. When it ended there was a long pause because none of us knew what to think. And then my kids shouted, “Play it again!”

As more videos came online there were wacky and funny videos, but also many videos of people talking directly to the camera sharing something important about their livesa passion, a funny moment or a hard day.

It was immediately clear to me that people wanted to share their stories with others. But what surprised me even more is that so many other people wanted to hear these stories. From the very beginning, I could see that YouTube was a place for coming together in new ways and sharing our humanity.

Today, two billion people come to YouTube every month. Their reasons are differentsome want to connect with others around a shared passion like woodworking or see the latest in fashion. Others want to watch the hottest music video, learn a foreign language, listen to religious sermons of all faiths, or perfect a job skill.

For the first time in history, with a phone and an internet connection, everyone can access a global video library and anyone can post videos and find a global audience. We call the people who publish videos “creators.”

There are more than 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute by creators.

Collectively, creators have generated the world’s largest video library of How To contentfrom how to play an instrument to how to fix an appliance. And they’ve created new mediums like vlogging, gaming and music mashups.

But we know that with this scale comes responsibility. That’s why responsibility is my number one priority.

Before I talk further about our important work on this front, I’d like to share a few examples of how online spaces foster dialogue and help build mutual understanding.

When I watched my first YouTube video, I could never have imagined that someday a teenager named Claire Wineland would start a YouTube channel out of her bedroom in California to cope with the complications of living with cystic fibrosis.

Claire saw the way we treat illness in our society, and she wanted something different. Claire passed away last year, but she leaves behind a legacy of videos to help us understand how to support someone who is struggling with serious medical issues.

When I watched my first YouTube video, I never could have imagined that someday Jenny Doan, a mother of seven in Missouri, would create a business out of quilt making by posting How To Quilt videos on YouTube.

Ten years after her son first encouraged her to post a tutorial, her channel has helped to transform her town into what they now call "the Disneyland of quilting"creating jobs and drawing thousands of tourists every month who share a passion for quilting.

Every day, there are many more stories like these unfolding on YouTube.

And that’s why I’m so focused on our responsibility. It’s critical that we get this right.

Our responsibility efforts are focused on the 4 Rs:

  • Our first RRemove. We’re removing content that violates our policies as quickly as possible. In the last quarter alone, we removed 9 million videos, the majority of which were first flagged by machines and removed before even getting a single view.

  • Second, Raise: we raise up authoritative voices in searches and recommendations for news and information,

  • Third, Reduce: we’re reducing recommendations of the content that brushes up against our policies,

  • And finally, Reward. We set an even higher bar for videos on YouTube that make money on our site.

We’re working hard to implement all of the four Rs in a way that’s both fair and transparent for all our users and creators.

That’s why we’re continuing to invest in cutting-edge machine learning technology and why we’ve dedicated more than 10,000 people across Google to take on problematic videos.

These are historic times. Never before have we had the opportunity for so many around the globe to connect online, express their points of view, and create virtual communities, all under the same roof.

Having a digital town square where the world can come together and discuss everything has created some challenges…but it has also created extraordinary opportunities.

It’s these opportunities that inspire me every day. As we take on these complicated and unprecedented issues of responsibility at scale, I think about the decisions of today through the lens of the future. What will the critics say when they write their commentaries about this unique period of time?

I want to be sure that we’re on the right side of history, providing a blueprint for open platforms to protect but also empower the next generation of storytellers.

Thank you to the Appeal of Conscience Foundation for your efforts, and for encouraging all of us to make the world a better place.

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Maintaining credibility and consistency on YouTube: Revisions to YouTube Music Charts and 24-hour record debut policy

From “American Bandstand” to “TRL,” every generation naturally finds its own barometer to measure the hottest songs and artists of the moment. For this generation, it’s YouTube. There is simply no better current measure of the world’s music listening than YouTube. Every day, we strive to showcase and celebrate the hottest artists, songs and music videos from around the world.

Today, we’re sharing some important changes made to YouTube Music Charts, the go-to destination to see what’s popular, what’s rising and trending both locally and globally on YouTube, and updates to how we determine videos that are eligible for 24-hour record debuts on YouTube.

YouTube Music Charts have become an indispensable source for the industry and the most accurate place for measuring the popularity of music listening behavior happening on the world’s largest music platform. In an effort to provide more transparency to the industry and align with the policies of official charting companies such as Billboard and Nielsen, we are no longer counting paid advertising views on YouTube in the YouTube Music Charts calculation. Artists will now be ranked based on view counts from organic plays.

Over the last few years, fans, artists, and their teams have touted the number of views a video receives on YouTube within the first 24 hours as the definitive representation of its instant cultural impact. It’s a great honor and one we take very seriously. As we look to maintain consistency and credibility across our platform, we’ve made some necessary revisions to our methodology for reporting 24-hour record debuts.

Our goal is to ensure YouTube remains a place where all artists are accurately recognized and celebrated for achieving success and milestones. Videos eligible for YouTube’s 24-hour record debuts are those with the highest views from organic sources within the first 24 hours of the video’s public release. This includes direct links to the video, search results, external sites that embed the video and YouTube features like the homepage, watch next and Trending. Video advertising is an effective way to reach specific audiences with a song debut, but paid advertising views on YouTube will no longer be considered when looking at a 24-hour record debut. The changes will not impact YouTube’s existing 24-hour record debut holders.

Staying true to YouTube’s overall mission of giving everyone a voice and showing them the world, we want to celebrate all artist achievements on YouTube as determined by their global fans. It’s the artists and fans that have made YouTube the best and most accurate measure of the world's listening tastes, and we intend on keeping it that way.

Additional information on how YouTube Music Charts are calculated can be found here and additional details about YouTube Views and ads can be found here.

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