Unity Google Mobile Ads Version 8 Released

We are excited to announce the release of Version 8 of the Google Mobile Ads for Unity plugin! This new version contains a number of new features and upgraded APIs.

Minimum Unity version is now 2019.4

The Google Mobile Ads Unity plugin now has a minimum Unity Engine version requirement of 2019.4. This was done to align with Unity’s long term support.

Compatibility with Android v22.0.0

This release supports the Android Google Mobile Ads SDK version 22.0.0 major version release.

User Messaging Platform (UMP) support

The Google Mobile Ads Unity plugin now includes support for the Google User Messaging Platform (UMP) to help you gather consent from app users. To enable UMP support, see the user privacy get started guide.

Plugin now has C# reference documentation

With the release of version 8, we now have launched C# reference documentation. Moreover, this version added xml-doc summaries to all public fields, properties, methods, and classes. This makes the plugin easier to use and provides full IntelliSense support when developing in Visual Studio.

Migrate ad format events to the new interface

Full-screen ad formats APIs now have a uniform interface and we are removing the old ad event APIs. These changes make the APIs for each ad format more consistent and easier to use. The new interface includes a static Load() method, use of generic delegates instead of EventArgs, and consistent ad events names across formats.

For a full list of changes and steps for upgrading your code, please see the version 8 migration guide.

Use RaiseAdEventsOnUnityMainThread() to guarantee thread safety

The Google Mobile Ads Unity plugin now includes an optional support feature for Unity thread safety. This feature means you no longer need to manage threading concerns when handling platform events or callbacks.

If you use this feature, the SDK may pause events during full screen ad presentations. This means that you might not get some events, like OnAdFullScreenContentOpened or OnAdImpressionRecorded, until after the user comes back to the game. If you need to collect this data in real time, this might not be a good option. We recommend you test this feature to see if it works for you.

Here's an example of how to use Google Mobile Ads new thread safety support:

Deprecation of Ad Placements

The Google Mobile Ads Unity plugin's Ad Placements feature is deprecated. There are no plans to move it into public release.

If you have any questions or concerns about migrating your project, please reach out on our developer forum.