Sydney Fashion Week: a peek behind the curtains at THE ICONIC

Brands from around the world landed in Australia this week to showcase their latest designs and see what’s hot on the runway at Sydney Fashion Week. Backstage, some Australian fashion icons are turning to Google products to help keep up the pace.

Brands like leading Australian online retailer THE ICONIC are using Google Apps to enable collaboration on product designs, mock-ups and quality guidelines, which allows them to better meet the needs of their customers.

THE ICONIC delivers the latest in Australian fashion and sportswear, along with international brands and coveted designers. With the option of 3 hour delivery to customers in Sydney and same day delivery to other Australian capital cities, speed and efficiency are central to all that they do.

Things at THE ICONIC move pretty quickly and the team needs to be in constant communication with each other.

As their Co-founder and Managing Director Adam Jacobs says, they are always trying new things and the agility of Google Docs makes it easy to collaborate and fit in with whatever they are working on.

THE ICONIC team use Google Apps to share ideas, brainstorm and interact in real time. From using Google Docs and Sheets to track orders, to connecting across offices using Hangouts, they're able keep up with the constant flow of orders and the 200-plus new products launched on the site each day.

Technology allows THE ICONIC to provide a shopping experience their customers enjoy almost as much as they enjoy their new designer playsuit.

And now other global fashion brands like All Saints and OVS are also using Google Apps - yet again the team at THE ICONIC are right on trend!