Separate fan-building fiction from fact with the Creator Academy boot camp

If you’re looking to build lasting relationships with your fans, sign up for the new Engage your audience boot camp from the YouTube Creator Academy. There’s no gym clothes or push-ups: it’s a free online course made up of lessons from top creators and YouTube experts, running March 16-27, 2015.

This course will teach you how to:
  • Develop a strong connection with your viewers in order to build a loyal community of fans
  • Understand who your audience is and what they like, so that you can think about videos that appeal to them
  • Broaden your fanbase and extend your reach beyond YouTube with social media, blogs, and other communities
  • Use YouTube Analytics to your advantage in building your subscriber base.

To sign up, choose the language that’s best for you below.

This is one of many resources we provide to help creators thrive on YouTube. Find more lessons and courses at the YouTube Creator Academy.

See you at boot camp!

Wendy Leicht, Instructional Designer, recently watched Arizona Llama Chase.