Google hits the road for local business

You might not work in a small business. But chances are you know someone who does. Five million Australians make their living from servicing their local community. It’s a tough job. It’s also a vital one: one third of Australia’s GDP is generated by small businesses.

Stuart Maconachie from Bay Fish N Trips 

When small businesses thrive, so does Australia. The good news is that the internet can be a huge boost to local businesses, helping them prosper and grow. It can help save them money, because cloud computing is cheaper than hosting a server. It can save time, for example by calculating efficient delivery routes based on real-time traffic information. And it can help generate income from customers who have never heard of a particular business until it shows up in search results.

The thing is, small business owners don’t alway have the time or resources to figure out how to do all this. That’s why last year we introduced Google My Business, to make the internet simpler and easier for small business owners.

And it’s why, in partnership with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we are taking Google on the road, visiting five towns across Australia and helping put their businesses on the map. 

Today we kicked off in Frankston, in the presence of the Small Business Minister, Bruce Billson. And we met Matt Bede, who set up Mornington Peninsula Brewery in an industrial side street, then relied on Google Maps to help people to beat a path to his door. We also met Sandra Watt and Stuart Maconachie, from fishing charter business Bay Fish N Trips, who told us that Google AdWords nets them adventure-seeking customers who had never previously heard of the business.

Harry Ozkoch from Anny's Jewellers getting some tips

Our next stop is Dubbo. We can’t wait to get out and meet some more of the people who are out there building the local businesses that will power the Australian economy into the future.

Posted by Rich Flanagan, Head of Small Business Marketing