My Journey with Google: Marcell

There are many ways to start your journey with Google. As a university student, two great ways are AdCamp and BOLD Immersion (apply by March 1st 2016!). Take a look at Marcell’s journey with Google.
My journey with Google began as an AdCamper (a.k.a. Google AdCamp participant). This is my story: I was doing a Master’s degree in Business Development and I was looking for career opportunities that would allow me to pursue my passion in marketing and advertising. I heard about AdCamp, so I went ahead and sent in my application (not really expecting to get a spot on the program).

As part of the AdCamp application process, I submitted a sales pitch about Google’s advertising platform (AdWords) for a fictitious SMB organization. The pitch gave me an opportunity to really shine (later I learned that consultative pitching is something Googlers do regularly within SMB Sales). The next thing I know, I’m an AdCamper, exploring the Google Office in Wroclaw, Poland, with many other students from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I can honestly say that the program was truly a unique and memorable part of my journey with Google.

Some of the greatest moments during my Adcamp experience were:

  • Getting culturally immersed: One of the coolest things about the program was the exposure we got to Google's company culture — from the one-of-a-kind workspaces, the awesome Googlers we met along the way, to trying out the great food! 
  • Learning about life in the SMB team: I learned a lot about what they do in the SMB Sales and Global Customer Experience teams’ and found out how they operate in the digital advertising landscape, through sessions on YouTube as an ad platform, and talked about the importance of mobile in today’s marketing strategy. 
  • Finding out about career opportunities: We had a whole day to learn about Google’s recruitment processes, get help with our CV’s and take part in a mock interview with a recruiter. This really helped me better understand how I could potentially become a future Googler. 
My journey continued even after the program ended…

After taking part in AdCamp, I went back to my studies and finished my degree. Having had this Google experience, I was ready to interview for a full-time role on the SMB Sales team — and it was a success!

It’s now already been more than a year since I first stepped into Google Dublin as an Associate Account Strategist for the Hungarian market, and i’ve had a lot of fun along the way. If I had to describe our team’s vision in one sentence, I’d say: that our focus is on diversity, creativity and love for our customers whilst trying to help SMBs grow and achieve their business goals, by empowering them to become Micro-Multinationals through Google’s advertising solutions.

My highlights as a strategist to-date were:
  • Helping businesses grow: I’m responsible for a portfolio of clients. In many cases, they heavily rely on my expertise to run their whole online business strategy. This is both fascinating and challenging! 
  • Developing professionally: Being curious and learning fast is so important. This is why I attend a lot of in-house trainings and look for ways to think outside-of-the-box. 
  • Taking on new projects: I’ve also worked on projects outside of my team, such as facilitating a Negotiation Course with Googlers. During this year’s AdCamp program, I was also able to share my knowledge and experiences with participating ‘AdCampers’ — when only a year prior I was an ‘AdCamper’ myself! 
Find out even more about AdCamp EMEA and apply here (Apply by March 1st 2016)!