Manage all Google Workspace API activity from a single location

What’s changing

Within the Google Cloud Console, you can now view and manage all Google Workspace API activity. Here, you’ll find a centralized view of which APIs are currently running and their associated requests. You can also easily perform common actions such as:

  • Monitoring aggregated metrics for APIs, including traffic, errors, and latency.
  • Viewing and adjusting quotas as needed.
  • Managing API credentials.
  • Finding other available APIs, tutorials and documentation.

This unified experience will eliminate the need to search for APIs manually, making it easier to manage your existing projects and build out your API ecosystem with new integrations. 

Getting started

  • Admins and Developers: From the navigation menu in the Google Cloud console, navigate to View all products > Other Google Products > Google Workspace. Visit the Help Center to learn more about enhancing Google Workspace Apps.

Rollout pace

  • This feature is available now.