Google Cloud services are switching Certificate Authority

Today we announced that Google will soon begin using a different Certificate Authority (CA). We expect this change to have no impact on the vast majority of G Suite customers, as the CA is already trusted by systems and browsers for typical desktop and mobile platforms, including Android, Chrome OS, Windows, macOS and iOS.

This change, which will roll out gradually across Google services over the coming months, may affect customers who operate systems with custom certificate trust stores if they’re not kept up to date.

Check out today’s post on the Google Cloud Platform blog for more details and recommended actions.

Launch Details
Release track:
Launching to both Rapid release and Scheduled release no earlier than June 12, 2017. Monitor the G Suite Release Calendar for any changes to this date.

Applicable to all G Suite editions, though no impact is expected on the vast majority of G Suite customers

Rollout pace:
Extended rollout (longer than 15 days for feature visibility)

Admins only

Admin action suggested/FYI

More Information
Google Cloud Platform blog post

Launch release calendar
Launch detail categories
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