Four topics that inspired Google Cloud Platform users in October

Google Cloud Platform users are a generous bunch, sharing their insights about how best to use GCP through a regular stream of articles and blogs. We kept tabs on their output in the month of October, then sorted that unruly list down into four categories that are a good indicator of overall cloud adoption. Take a look; chances are that there’s a post in this list that answers your most pressing GCP question, or that will inspire you to take GCP in an entirely new direction.
  1. Using BigQuery to analyze . . . everything
  2. BigQuery has emerged as a great way to slice and dice data, and the blogosphere is rife with examples that will teach you how (and why).
  3. A kornukopia of Kubernetes
  4. Developers continue to spill a lot of ink on containers and Kubernetes, our open-source container orchestration platform.
  5. Working with data (and databases) on GCP
  6. So much data, so many different places to put it. From simple object-based archive, to high-performance distributed databases, the GCP community is using our storage and databases in all sorts of interesting ways.
  7. Next-generation apps, the GCP way
  8. More often than not, today’s developers organize into DevOps teams and build apps using microservices that communicate via APIs. Here are a few examples of how GCP plays in that world.
That’s all folks. Tune in again next month for a recap of community-generated GCP content, and be sure to drop us a line with any blog posts and articles that you think our readers need to know about.