Doodle 4 Google 2015: Your Doodle on the Google homepage!

Ever noticed how Google has fun with its logo? We often redesign our logo in the form of a “Doodle” to celebrate achievements and events. It’s that time of the year again when we get the children across the country to create their version of our Google Doodle. The winning Doodle will be showcased on Google India’s Homepage on Children’s Day, 14th November 2015.

Doodle 4 Google is meant to inspire kids to think and dream big. Our theme this year, is all about curiosity, possibility and imagination. With the launch of the 7th Annual Doodle 4 Google Contest, we invite bright young minds of India to send in their Doodles on the theme ‘If I could create something for India, it would be…”. They need to put on their thinking hats, get out their paintbrushes and get creative with the Google logo. We are very excited to see the outcome of the theme this year.

The contest is open for all students from Class 1st to 10th. While we will reach out to the set of schools who have been partnering with us over the years, we will also be visiting non-profits who work with children and encourage participation from them. We will host a series of experiential art sessions with these kids across multiple cities and hope to create a fun and memorable experience for them.

In the past years, we have asked young doodlers across India to make doodles on the themes ranging from  - ’A place in India I wish to visit’ to ‘My dream for India’. We received some great entries with the students showcasing cultural richness of Assam to their vision for smart cities in India. Vaidehi Reddy from Army Public School, Pune  made this winning doodle last year:

Doodle 4 Google 2014 winner

For the finalists this year, we will be hosting “A Day at Google” where these 12 budding artists will get to spend a day in the Google office and get to experience the best of Google in terms of technology ranging from Virtual Reality to fun coding activities. They will also get a first hand feel of the Google culture and get a sneak peek into the life in a day at Google.

Participating in Doodle4Google 2015 is simple! Just visit, download the form, doodle and submit it. We have created a Google logo template to make it easier. To make things even simpler, for the first time we will also be taking entries in the form of pictures, in addition to high resolution scanned copies. Please make sure the entries reach us by October 13, 2015.

Posted by Sandeep Menon, Director of Marketing, Google India