Changes to embedded content on classic Google Sites

We're upgrading how HTML boxes work on classic Sites. This will improve performance and security, but it may also change the look and feel of some embedded elements. Site editors may want to make some simple adjustments so embedded elements appear the way they want them to. Note that this only affects sites managed in classic Sites. Sites managed in new Sites are not affected.

Upgraded HTML boxes may change visual appearance 

When boxes are upgraded, you may notice some visual changes to the embedded element. Visual changes could include:

  • Improved appearance of rich embedded content (e.g. Twitter images, buttons, and more). 
  • Different display size of the embedded element. 
  • Different styling of the embedded element. 

Due to these changes, site editors may want to check embedded content still appears as desired. If needed, site editors can:

  • Adjust the height and width. Use the manual controls (pictured below) to make the box fit the embedded content better. 
  • Adjust the formatting. You may want to adjust the embed HTML to match your page style. If you got the code from a third party, check if there are formatting options there. 

If an editor wants to revert back to the legacy embedded element appearance, they can check the “Use legacy html embed” option. The embedded element will then appear the same as before until the automatic upgrade on June 30th (see below).

Two stages to the upgrade 

There will be two stages to these changes:

  • Stage 1: Starting immediately, we’ll upgrade HTML boxes when an editor opens an HTML box on a classic site.  
  • Stage 2: On June 30th, we’ll automatically upgrade all remaining legacy HTML boxes. 
HTML box adjustment options in classic Google Sites

Launch Details 
Release track:

  • Stage 1 (upgrades while content is being edited) launching to both Rapid Release and Scheduled Release on 5/25 
  • Stage 2 (automatic upgrades) launching to both Rapid Release and Scheduled Release on 6/30 

Available to all G Suite editions

Rollout pace: 
Full rollout (1–3 days for feature visibility)

All end users

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