Announcing v201402 of AdWords API

Today we are announcing the AdWords API v201402. This latest release introduces support for Shopping campaigns, extensions to feed services, new reports, and more! We have also made most of the features previously marked as Beta available for everyone.

v201402 highlights:
Note: ClientLogin authorization protocol is deprecated and no longer supported in versions v201402 and later. You need to migrate to OAuth2 to be able to use AdWords API v201402 and access these new features.

If you are still using v201306 of the AdWords API, please note that it is being sunset on March 31st, 2014; we encourage you to skip v201309 and migrate straight to v201402. If you’re using v201309, be aware it is now marked deprecated and will be sunset on July 21st, 2014.

As with every new version of the AdWords API, we encourage you to carefully review all changes in the release notes and the v201402 migration guide. The updated client libraries and code examples will be published shortly. With this release, we have also updated the Required Minimum Functionality document to include some of the newly added features that are now required in third-party tools. If you have any questions or need help with migration, please post on the forum or the Ads Developers Plus Page.