Whip your seasonal campaigns into shape: Five “knead to know” tips for Media Agencies

Yesterday, we provided search marketers with four of our favorite tools to whip their digital strategy into shape. Today, we have five “knead to know” tips for Media Agencies to help you make your holiday promotions a piece of cake. With the right ingredients to scale and streamline your seasonal campaigns, you can find some extra time to sit back and enjoy your perfectly baked holiday pastries — while we take care of the rest. 

1. Find the recipe for success with DoubleClick Planning:
During the holidays, it’s easy to spend a lot of money—on food, gifts and decorations. But it can be hard to pull everything together to create that quintessential “holiday cheer.” This year, we have the recipe to ensure you achieve your holiday goals. DoubleClick Planning is a brand new tool that helps you simplify the planning and buying of your campaigns. The tool begins to unify programmatic and reservation inventory management, so you can carry out all of your buys in one place. Faster and more efficient cross-channel planning enables more insightful media strategies, and will ultimately help you get an ROI the size of a holiday feast. 

2. Whip up opportunities with real-time bidding and optimization: 
We get it. The holidays are busy, and you often find yourself running out of time—both in the kitchen and with your digital marketing. Forget the manual, hand-churned methods of the past that can leave your campaign results as stale as last year’s fruit cake. This year, turbocharge your campaigns with real-time automated bidding in DoubleClick Bid Manager. We’ll dynamically change a line item’s bid, based on the likeliness that an impression will perform well. Then we’ll use that near-instant conversion data to optimize bids throughout the day—helping you achieve specific campaign goals. And the best part? It’s all automatic, so you won’t have to make it from scratch.

3. Delight customers with Google Merchant Center feed integration in dynamic creative:
Knowing which product to show each viewer can be as tough as choosing what to make for Thanksgiving dinner. To ease the decision-making process, we launched support for Google Merchant Center feeds in DoubleClick Dynamic Creative. Use your existing Google Merchant Center feeds to automatically update your DoubleClick Studio or DoubleClick Bid Manager display campaigns — showing the right product to the right customers, when they’re looking to buy. In addition, retail and travel advertisers can now target dynamic campaigns to right-hand side inventory on the Facebook Exchange through DoubleClick Bid Manager. With these dynamic options on the table, the rest is gravy.

4. Handle on-the-go customers with geofence targeting: 
As a master cook, you’re moving around non-stop during the holidays—and so are your customers. But as they’re seeking deals and checking them twice across screens, how do you drive conversions - both online and offline? Geofence targeting in DoubleClick Bid Manager will enable you to deliver highly relevant messages to customers based on their proximity to a specified chain store. This means you can maximize performance for mobile by automatically adjusting the geofence, based on privacy and potential reach. Ready to make your holidays a multiscreen event this year? We’ll raise a glass of eggnog to that! 

5. Measure beyond a “pinch” with GRP and Viewability data:
A “pinch” of this and a “dash” of that won’t get you to holiday-perfect results, especially during the busy season. With our suite of solutions, we’ll give you the precise measurements you need to cook up an impactful campaign. Ensure your campaigns are actually seen, with ActiveView on DoubleClick. Reach the right audience with comScore and Nielsen GRPs, integrated seamlessly into DoubleClick. Then, optimize your campaigns in real time using audience insights gleaned from comScore vCE in DoubleClick. By accurately measuring and optimizing your campaigns, you won’t need to wait for days or weeks to make sure your holiday dollars are spent on the right audience.

Hopefully with these tips in toe, you’ll get your holiday campaigns up and running in no time, so you can enjoy some R&R with family and friends this season.

Posted by the DoubleClick Marketing Team