What’s new with Chromebox for meetings?

Chromebox for meetings brings high-quality video conferencing to any room. To help Google Apps customers who use Chromebox for meetings devices stay on top of new feature releases and improvements, starting today we’ll provide a regular recap of recent and upcoming launches. Today’s update coincides with the release of Chrome OS 47 stable, and we will continue to post updates moving forward following the Chrome OS six week release cycle. 

Guest Access
Google Hangouts now supports meeting participants who do not have Google accounts.

Various Performance Optimizations
  • Improved WebRTC to reduce audio echoing and optimize performance on Hangouts.
  • Faster HD resolution, smoother video rendering, and OPUS codec for improved audio quality on CfM.
  • Screenshare improvements for faster updates for complex on-screen changes.

Admin Email Notifications

We recently launched the ability for domain administrators to be notified when a Chromebox for meetings device goes offline, either by email or SMS. There is a known issue on being notified after scheduled reboots, and we are actively working on resolving it.

On-screen Volume Control
In addition to using the buttons on the speaker/mic, it is now possible to adjust the volume using on-screen controls that have been added to the user interface of Chromebox for meetings.

Launch Details 
Release track: 
All features launched to both Rapid release and Scheduled release; Performance optimization improvements require an upgrade to Chrome 47. Chrome 47 will roll out automatically over the next week for customers who have auto updates turned on.

All end users, plus the admin-only email notification feature

Admin action suggested/FYI

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Note: all launches are applicable to all Google Apps editions unless otherwise noted

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