What’s New with Chrome devices for meetings?

With the recent release of Chrome OS 49 stable, the Chrome for Work team is excited to announce the following updates:

Chromebase for meetings available March 31, 2016 
We've expanded into small spaces adding a brand new form factor, the Acer Chromebase for meetings. Purpose-built for desktop, telephone room and huddle spaces, this all-in-one touchscreen requires no messy wires or bulky accessories and is packed with the same capability as our current offering.

For a limited time, eligible customers can try two devices free for 30 days with no obligation by signing up here.

What’s in a name? 
You may have noticed above we’re now referring to our product as “Chrome devices for meetings.” That’s because the launch of the new Chromebase expands our “for meetings” offering to a new form factor; the Chromebase. So now that we have Chromebases and Chromeboxes for meetings, we’ll refer to them collectively as, “Chrome devices for meetings.”

25 Person Hangouts
We increased the maximum number of participants to 25 from 15 for Google Apps customers. See the Google Apps Update Blog for more details.

Custom wallpaper
Chrome devices for meetings featured photos from Google+ on its home screen. Now you may upload up to 10 of your own photos which will be selectively displayed on CfM homescreens. See the Help Center for guidelines.

Forward feedback to domain admin
While we allow users to submit real time feedback to Google from their devices, there was no way for the domain administrator to see that information. So we have launched an option in the Admin console for domain administrators to have user feedback go not only to Google Feedback servers, but also to a specified set of recipients.

Run remote diagnostics on Chrome devices for meetings
To provide domain administrators with even more tools to view the health of their Chrome devices for meetings, we have also added the ability to remotely run and view device diagnostics directly from the Admin console. These remote diagnostics enable testing devices for connection quality, video bandwidth, resolution, audio capture, and the functioning of protocols such as UDP, TCP, and IPV6. See the Help Center for more information.

Launch Details 
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All features launched to both Rapid release and Scheduled release

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