We heart Contributor: Here’s why you will too

You might have heard about Contributor through recent posts from the Google team, publishers, and the press. Today we want to share more about the product and provide you an easy way to promote this new revenue source to your site visitors.

Think about your own experience surfing the web. Are there publishers whose content you particularly love and keep going back to? Do you wish you could support these publishers, but see fewer ads? We’ve learned that users want an option to directly support the open web and the people who make it hum with great content, while also seeing fewer ads.

We understand that as a publisher your most pressing concerns are keeping your users happy and generating revenue to support your business. Contributor presents a new option to meet both of these goals.

Here’s how it works
With Contributor, users pick a monthly contribution level (of $2, $5, or $10) and those funds are used to pay for the sites they visit.
By choosing to contribute to publishers, users essentially participate in the ad auction. If the user’s bid wins, no ad is shown, but you’ll get paid by Google as you normally do when ads are served.

Help spread the word
Let your visitors know about Contributor by putting a customized Contributor badge on your site.
Find out how and learn about more ways you can help spread the word here. And if you’re interested in seeing how it works, try Contributor for yourself.

Posted by David Stanke
Contributor Product Manager

Source: Inside AdSense