Video and Channel IDs Change in AdWords API, Google Ads API, and Google Ads Scripts Starting November 15, 2019

On November 15, 2019, AdWords API, Google Ads API, and Google Ads scripts will start returning null ID criteria for YouTube channels and videos that have been deleted, due to changes in our data retention policy. The criteria itself remains for a given ad group, but referencing the video ID or channel ID for that criteria will return null.
  • In the AdWords API v201809, null values are returned as two dashes (--) in reporting.
  • In the Google Ads API, NULL values are returned as NULL values.
  • In Google Ads Scripts, null values are returned as null JavaScript values.
Please update your code where it uses these fields:
AdWords API Google Ads API Google Ads Scripts
YouTubeVideo.videoId YouTubeVideoInfo.video_id YouTubeVideo.getVideoId()
YouTubeChannel.channelId YouTubeChannelInfo.channel_id VideoYouTubeVideo.getVideoId()
Criteria in CAMPAIGN_CRITERIA_REPORT Media.getYouTubeVideoId()

If you have any questions while updating your code, please reach out to us on our forum.