Using UX Research to make Google Web Fonts even better!

Late in 2010, our team spent hours learning more about our users through surveys and traditional usability methods. In our survey, users spoke up loud and clear - “We want more fonts!” We are working hard to add new fonts with 35 font families added since December. What did users like best about the Google Font Directory? It is easy to use, available, dependable, and it has decent font choices and features... all at a great price - free!

What new features would you like to see added to the Google Font Directory?
More fonts! (More in general, international fonts, basic fonts, more weights/variants, & specific fonts)

What, if anything, do you like best about the Google Font Directory?

During our usability sessions, we were able to see many types of users interact with our web fonts. We identified major user groups and documented their typical workflow. The research we conducted took us to the brainstorming table. Our whole team spent an entire day brainstorming goals and priorities based on user research. The brainstorming day was followed by a design sprint in our Seattle office. Four talented Google designers and other team members spent five full days working through hundreds of mocks and design concepts. Stay tuned for the results of this effort!

So what’s next? More user testing, of course! Our engineers and user experience team have been busy working on ideas from the design sprint, and we are ready to get some feedback. If you would like to help us, sign up here!

Brainstorming involved lots of discussions & lots of stickies!

Hard at work in the design sprint.

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posted by Dawn Shaikh, Senior User Experience Researcher, Google Web Fonts