Upgrade to campaign drafts and experiments in the AdWords API

In v201603, we introduced campaign drafts and experiments to the AdWords API for Search campaigns, which is a more flexible alternative to the existing ExperimentService. Now that you can run experiments on Display campaigns as well, campaign drafts and experiments do everything the ExperimentService can do and more.

As a result of this expanded functionality, the ExperimentService will be sunset. If you’re still using the ExperimentService, please take the time to update your code to use campaign drafts and experiments instead.

Key Dates

  • Starting on October 17, 2016, the ExperimentService will not allow the creation of any new experiments. Attempts to create a new experiment will result in an error. You will still be able to edit, promote, and delete existing experiments.
  • On February 1, 2017, all experiments running via the ExperimentService will be stopped. After this date, all ExperimentService experiments will be deleted and stats will be unavailable.

We recommend completely moving off the ExperimentService before October 17th to ensure you’re using the best tool for your testing needs. If you have any questions, please post on the forum.