Updating Default Reporting Versions in Google Ads Scripts

In the coming weeks, we'll be changing how we update the default reporting version for search and report requests that use the Google Ads Query Language in Google Ads scripts. This will allow you access to new reporting features as they are released, rather than our previous cadence of holding off on new versions for up to a few months. If you are still using AdWords API based reporting in v201809, these changes will not affect you.

We will be updating the default reporting version for Google Ads API-backed reports to use the newest version of the Google Ads API within two weeks of that version's release. So for example, whenever v8 releases, we will be updating the default reporting version for report calls using GAQL, and all search calls, to use v8 within two weeks of that time.

If you think that this may negatively affect your scripts, and you want to pin to a specific version, you can still manually specify a version which will override the default and will not update until you are ready to move on to the next version. If you do this, be on the lookout for when Google Ads API sunsets versions, because that will cause your scripts to fail until you update to a newer version. Here are examples of setting an API version.

For reports:

var report = AdsApp.report(query, {apiVersion: 'v7'});
For search:

var results = AdsApp.search(query, {apiVersion: 'v7'});
As part of this rollout, we will be updating the default (which is currently v5) to v7 shortly after this post. You can find a full list of reporting upgrades made in v6 and v7 on the Google Ads API release notes page.

If you have any questions, please leave a post on our forum so that we can help.