Updated RMF Schedule and Non-Compliance Fees on the AdWords API Rate Sheet

If you're a software developer that builds tools for agencies or other advertisers to manage AdWords campaigns, or if you use the AdWords API to provide reporting dashboards to clients, please take a minute to review these updates.

In May 2014, we extended the deadline for all Required Minimum Functionality (RMF) until December 31, 2014. Now that the extension period has expired, we’d like to explain how we’ll review RMF in 2015. If you’re subject to RMF, you’ll receive emails in the days and weeks ahead explaining the details, so please be sure to update your contact information in the AdWords API Center of your MCC account.

At a high level, the review will look like this: first you’ll confirm your contact information and help ensure the demo account for your tool is working properly. Then, if any requirements are missing from your tool, you’ll receive a detailed non-compliance email followed by a 30-day “fix-it” period to bring your tool into compliance. We hope this will provide sufficient time to address any shortcomings. After that, if you’re not in compliance after the 30-day fix-it period, you’ll be subject to non-compliance fees (which have been reduced) as specified on the updated API rate sheet. And if you’re still not in compliance within 120 days of receiving the initial non-compliance email, your token may be downgraded to Basic Access. Throughout the process, we’ll send you reminder emails of the important milestones and deadlines.

Please note again that we’ve reduced the fees associated with non-compliance. You can see a full list of changes to the API rate sheet.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out directly to the API Review Team.