Update to the Google Maps APIs Premium Plan

For the past ten years, Google Maps APIs have helped over 2 million apps and websites bring the very best of Google Maps to their customers — a familiar map interface combined with global, comprehensive and up-to-date data and imagery.

Today, we’re starting to roll out changes to the Google Maps APIs Premium Plan that give customers access to Maps API Credits, a single usage quota applicable across our suite of services. Maps API Credits make it easier to use multiple Google Maps APIs, allowing customers to bring the best of Google Maps to everything they build without having to change their plan.

In addition to Maps API Credits, customers of the new Premium Plan will continue to have access to the following:
  • High volume usage  flexible plans for high volume usage
  • Technical support and SLAs  24 hour technical support and service level agreement (SLA)
  • Additional implementations  including asset tracking, external, internal and OEM implementations that are not covered by the Google Maps APIs Standard Plan.
One Google customer, Doctor on Demand, has been using Maps APIs Credits through their Premium Plan through our early testing program."By upgrading to the Premium Plan with the new Maps API Credits, we have maximum flexibility to continue to innovate and add functionality without requiring us to rework our contract and paperwork. We can focus on continuing to build our platform and business to further innovate and improve our patient experience," said Adam Jackson, Co-Founder and CEO of Doctor on Demand.

To learn more about the changes, check out our documentation and FAQs