Translate Community: Over one million people and 50 million contributions

Over the past year, more than one million people speaking 117 languages have made 50 million contributions through the Google Translate Community.

With those contributions we’ve launched 10 new languages, including Chichewa (Chinyanja) and Malayalam (മലയാളം), and been able to make improvements in how we speak dozens of other languages. Now almost 50% of the most common phrases typed in Google Translate come from translations provided by the Translate Community.


Translate Community members come from all over the world and translate in many different ways - from translating on their own to hosting group events. This year, Bengali speakers worked together to host events throughout the country by partnering with schools and cultural groups. And Frisian speakers worked with their government to create a week of events dedicated to getting their language added to Google Translate.

This month, language lovers are participating in a Translatathon in India. With just a few more days to go, if you speak Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam or Punjabi, sign up today to help Google Translate deliver better translations in your community.