Transit Directions Improvements

Today we released a set of improvements to directions in the Google Maps Directions API, mostly around transit directions. Transit is now also available in the Google Maps Distance Matrix API.

  1. Transit directions will now return fare information where available, same as the Google Maps Android app. In Distance Matrix API, this enables developers to find routes that minimize either the travel time or the fare.
  2. Transit directions now accept transit options, same as the Google Maps Android app. Options include mode preferences (transit_mode=train|tram|subway|bus) as well as routing preferences (transit_routing_preference=less_walking or fewer_transfers).
  3. Developers can now set departure_time=now instead of specifying a timestamp. The departure_time parameter is now optional and will default to departure_time if not specified.

These changes are also available in the Directions service and Distance Matrix service in the Google Maps JavaScript API v3.

Please see our documentation for more details about the Google Maps Directions API or the Google Maps Distance Matrix API.

For more information on how transportation agencies can provide data to Google, including fare information, please refer to

Posted by Elena Kelareva, Product Manager, Google Maps APIs