Take Part in MSNBC’s Hangout On Air Series about Marriage Equality

Posted by Sally Simms, Google+ Partnerships

This month, the Supreme Court will likely rule on the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8, marking a historic moment for the issue of marriage equality in the United States.

In anticipation of these monumental decisions, +MSNBC will host a series of Google+ Hangouts On Air surrounding marriage equality and the Supreme Court cases beginning this Monday, June 17. The series of four Hangouts On Air, hosted by MSNBC anchors Thomas Roberts, Chris Hayes, Steve Kornacki and Andrea Mitchell, will bring together experts, celebrities, and members of the Google+ community who will be affected by the court’s decisions in a conversation about the implications of these historic rulings.

+MSNBC Hangouts On Air on the DOMA and Prop. 8 decisions:

Monday, June 17, 12:15PM ET: What Does This All Mean?
Tuesday, June 18, 12:15PM ET: Changing Your Community
Wednesday, June 19, 12:15 PM ET: Both Sides of the Aisle
Monday, June 24, 2:15 PM ET: From Hollywood to Your Hometown

We look forward to having you join the discussions with MSNBC, and taking part in the community conversation by using #MarriageEquality on Google+.