Tailored ads, better results: Dynamic Remarketing powered by Google Analytics

Back in August, 2012, we launched Remarketing with Google Analytics, which enabled advertisers to create sophisticated remarketing lists using Google Analytics’ 250+ dimensions and metrics. 
Today, we’re excited to announce a deeper remarketing integration between AdWords and Google Analytics. 

A single set of tags can now power both Google Analytics and Dynamic Remarketing on the Google Display Network using the Google Merchant Center. Retailers (with other verticals in beta) will gain power and precision for their remarketing along with access to detailed product level reporting through this integration.

What is Dynamic Remarketing?
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Every customer is unique. Dynamic remarketing takes this into account, letting you create and deliver beautiful customized ads that connect visitors with their past shopping experiences on your site. If you’re a retailer with a Google Merchant Center account, you can use dynamic remarketing to construct remarketing ads on the fly with the products and messages that are predicted to perform best based on visitors’ past actions on your site.
For example: Customers who browsed the winter tires category on an advertiser’s website might see an ad that includes the exact products they’ve already viewed, in addition to related products from the company’s catalog. In the Tirendo example above, the ad also shows details of recently viewed tires, including the prices.
Early users are seeing great results

"We've been thrilled with the performance of Dynamic Remarketing with Google Analytics and Conversion Optimizer, which has so far driven a 203% increase in conversions and 100% increase in conversion rates vs. our display average. Combined with Google Analytics' powerful reporting on these same metrics, we've been able to derive actionable insights which we've put to good use throughout our other campaigns."
- Janina Rix, SEA Manager, tirendo.de

To begin using Dynamic Remarketing

  1. Create one or more remarketing lists using Google Analytics
  2. Update your tags to track Product ID, Cart Value, and Page Type as custom variables (or dimensions)
  3. Enable the Dynamic Link in Admin > Property > Dynamic Attributes. This will let Google Analytics send attributes to your AdWords account. [more below]
  4. Create a Dynamic Remarketing Display campaign in AdWords

    Here’s a quick visual guide to the new interface.

    Step 1: Configure account details

    Step 2: Make sure the attribute names match your custom variables

    Step 3: Click ‘Save’ and finish by creating your first Dynamic Remarketing campaign in AdWords

    Want more help? Download a remarketing starter pack from the solutions gallery. 

    Please stay tuned for more remarketing-related updates in the near future!

    Happy Analyzing, Dan Stone and Lan Huang on behalf of the Google Analytics Team