Sunsetting Portofolio Enhanced CPC Bid Strategies

On March 22, 2021 we will begin to sunset portfolio (shared) Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) bid strategies. The following behaviors will be blocked in all versions of both the AdWords API and the Google Ads API:
  • Creating new portfolio ECPC strategies.
  • Attaching portfolio ECPC strategies to campaigns.
Note that standard (non-portfolio) ECPC strategies will not be affected.

Affected Portfolio Enhanced CPC Strategies
Google Ads API Bidding_strategy.type = BiddingStrategyType.ENHANCED_CPC
AdWords API SharedBiddingStrategy.type = MANUAL_CPC,

SharedBiddingStrategy.biddingScheme.enhancedCpcEnabled = TRUE

Change Description
Any operation creating new portfolio ECPC strategies, or attaching a portfolio ECPC strategy to a campaign, will generate one of the following errors:

Error Upon Creation Error Upon Attaching

Migration Description
In the future, we will remove the portfolio ECPC strategy entirely, in favor of standard ECPC. In order to prepare for this change, you can proactively migrate all your portfolio ECPC strategies to standard ECPC strategies using the instructions below.

All remaining portfolio ECPC campaigns and strategies will be automatically migrated at a later date. We will post an update on this blog ahead of that migration.

Self-migration using Google Ads API
Update a campaign by using CampaignService.MutateCampaigns() to set its manual_cpc.enhanced_cpc_enabled field to true. Be sure to set the update_mask on your request to match:

operations: [
update: {
resource_mame: customers/CUSTOMER_ID/campaigns/CAMPAIGN_ID,
manual_cpc: {
enhanced_cpc_enabled: true
update_mask: manual_cpc.enhanced_cpc_enabled
Self-migration using AdWords API
Update a campaign by using CampaignService.mutate() to set its biddingStrategyType to MANUAL_CPC, and its biddingScheme.enhancedCpc field to true:

If you have any questions or need additional help, contact us via the forum or at [email protected].