Stay up to speed with Cloud Launcher: more production-grade solutions, same easy-to-use service

We created Cloud Launcher to help make sure you can easily discover new software and services, whether it’s a small internal tool or a large-scale enterprise application. We’re excited to share several new additions to this catalog and introduce an even easier way to try them out.

Cloud Launcher Virtual Machine solutions are now a part of the new Always Free program. This allows you to test and develop with participating products at no cost up to this program’s limits. With sustained use discounts, free trial credits you can use for 12 months, custom machine shapes and now the Always Free program, there has never been a better time to try out Launcher solutions.

Here are a few areas where we’ve made updates to the Cloud Launcher catalog:

  • Expanded VM solutions library: We now have even more solutions running within virtual machines, ranging from big data analytics to databases.
  • Bring Your Own License (BYOL): You asked, we answered. Cloud Launcher now supports BYOL for many solutions, allowing you to use Cloud Launcher as a deployment vehicle for your existing licenses.
  • Standalone SaaS solutions: Now, you can sign up for services directly from our SaaS partner sites. Over 15 services are now available via Cloud Launcher, with many more on the horizon.

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Read on to learn more about specific additions to the Cloud Launcher program, or try them out for yourself.

New VM solutions

Cloud Launcher VM solutions offer scale, performance and value that allow you to easily launch large compute clusters on Google's infrastructure.

SAP HANA: in-memory Platform for Business Digital Transformation

NodeSource: monitoring Node.js at Scale

Check Point: confidently extend advanced security to the public cloud

AppScale: open source Google App Engine

DataStax Enterprise: distributed database based on Apache Cassandra

Looker: Looker for Big Data - 25 Users: Make every petabyte of data accessible to your company.

MongoDB with Replication: NoSQL document-oriented database for content-driven applications

SUREedge Migrator: any application, any data, any source to Google Cloud

Zoomdata: big data visual analytics

New BYOL solutions

BYOL (Bring Your Own License) solutions let you run software on Google Compute Engine, using licenses you’ve purchased directly from third-party providers.

Barracuda: next generation firewall for distributed enterprises

Check Point: confidently extend advanced security to the public cloud

CloudBolt: self-service multi-cloud VM provisioning for your developers

New SaaS solutions

Browse managed services in Cloud Launcher—then purchase the solution directly on the provider’s site. Services: Aiven is a next-generation managed cloud service hosting for your software infrastructure services.

Apigee Edge: intelligent API management: manage, secure, scale and analyze APIs

AppDynamics: business and application performance monitoring

ClearDB: databases made easy

ClicData dashboards: dashboards made easy

Cloudflare: performance and security solution for websites and applications

CrowdStrike Falcon: next generation endpoint protection for Google Cloud Platform

Datadog: monitor your entire Google Cloud Infrastructure

Dome9: verifiable security and compliance features for every public cloud

Fastly: Fastly is a content delivery network (CDN) that focuses on helping companies deliver dynamic content to their users faster.

Imperva Incapsula: application delivery and enterprise grade security from the Cloud

JFrog Artifactory: universal artifact repository

Kinvey: Kinvey is a leading HIPAA compliant mobile Backend as a Service  (Kinvey BaaS).

NetSkope: understand activities, protect sensitive data and mitigate risk

NewRelic: get code-level visibility for all your production apps

Premium WordPress: WordPress digital experience platform

Reblaze: superior web security

Segment: collect all of your customer data and send it anywhere

xPlenty: data integration cloud service

Wix Media Platform: the smartest way to host and deliver your media worldwide