Signing up for AdSense is now faster and easier

We’ve made it easier and faster to apply for AdSense and get your account approved.

Starting today, you’ll have immediate access to your AdSense account once you sign up. Previously, when you applied for AdSense, you’d need to wait for your account information to be approved before you could access your account and place ad units on your site. Now you can create ad units and place them on your site right after signing up for AdSense.

To get started with AdSense:
  1. Make sure your website is compliant with the AdSense program policies.
  2. Sign up for an AdSense account by enrolling your site.
  3. Add the AdSense ad code to your site.
It typically takes 48 hours for our specialists to complete the site review after you add the code to your site. Until you pass this review step, your ad units will remain blank. Once your site is approved, ads will be displayed on your site and you can start earning money from your content.

Learn more about the new application process in the AdSense Help Center. This new process is now in place for many countries and we're looking forward to even more publishers joining the AdSense family. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Nikos Ioannou
AdSense Software Engineer

Source: Inside AdSense