SDK-less mediation: A more efficient path to greater yield

Today, we're happy to announce SDK-less mediation for mobile apps in DoubleClick for Publishers, now in beta. People spend nearly 37 hours per month in apps, creating a significant revenue opportunity for publishers1. But maximizing revenue from app inventory is challenging. Demand for app inventory is highly fragmented and managing performance across multiple partners while maintaining their 3rd party SDKs is cumbersome.

Simplifying app yield

We developed SDK-less mediation in DoubleClick for Publishers to make it simpler and less time-consuming to manage yield across multiple mobile ad networks, including DoubleClick Ad Exchange. DoubleClick for Publishers automatically updates the CPMs for supported networks by collecting and analyzing reporting data on your behalf, removing the need to constantly monitor and adjust your settings. Also, we’ve made it easier to segment your inventory and control groups of networks that can access that inventory. Then to maximize your yield, our solution dynamically picks the best order to call those networks for every impression.

In the past, adding a new network to your mediation chain meant integrating and maintaining another SDK in your app—an error prone process that could lead to bugs, bloated code, or worse, security issues. Our SDK-less solution removes these hassles and makes it easy for you to add new partners by simply changing a few settings in your DoubleClick for Publishers account. Starting today, Aarki, Drawbridge, MdotM, and Smaato can be included in SDK-less mediation. Support for more networks is coming in the near future.

Publishers like Runtastic, New York Daily News, and Ubisoft have found DoubleClick for Publishers’s app mediation features extremely easy to set up:

"With SDK-less mediation we have a much better overview about our performance and the new UI is extremely user friendly, transparent and easy to use."
- Philipp Durstberger, Head of Advertising, Runtastic

"Mediation is brilliant, one of a kind, first of a kind, turnkey, simple to use and takes only a few minutes to set up. My favorite is the SDK-less feature which never existed but should have. I don’t have to beg product and engineering teams to install multiple SDKs to onboard various demand partners."
- Ilya Utkin, Director, Revenue Platforms and Operations, New York Daily News

“I was impressed by how quick it was to set up DoubleClick for Publishers Mediation with different networks, and how stable and efficient it’s been from day one.”
- Baptiste Chardon, Head of Mobile Monetization, Ubisoft

Maximizing yield for publishers has always been our goal. With the release of SDK-less mediation, we’re making it easier for you to make the most from your app inventory. SDK-less mediation is currently in beta and will be available to all publishers this spring. Talk to your DoubleClick account manager about getting started.

Posted by Gargi Sur
Product Manager, DoubleClick