Scholar Recommendations Reloaded!

Your Scholar Recommendations just got better - fresher, more relevant, and easier to scan. If you have a Scholar profile and are actively publishing, your Scholar homepage should have recommended articles that look like this:
The list is organized by date with the latest articles on the top. You can skim over article titles, expand the summaries, and read the full article if available. You can also save articles in your Scholar Library to read them later. To do a more thorough scan, click on the “More articles” links.
On your phone, you can also swipe through the abstracts - and save the ones that caught your eye for comfortable reading on a larger screen:
The best part is under the hood. We have greatly expanded both the relevance and the coverage of the recommendations, so most researchers should find something new and interesting if they check weekly. You can, of course, check as often as you wish, or have the recommendations delivered to your email (click the blue "Follow" button in your profile to subscribe).

To bring you these recommendations, we analyze the articles in your Scholar profile. We determine relevance using statistical models that incorporate the topics of your articles, the places where you publish, the authors you work with and cite, the authors that work in the same area as you and the citation graph.

To get your recommendations, all you need to do is create your Scholar profile with the papers you have written. Recommended articles will automatically start to appear within a few days.

Posted by: Namit Shetty, Alex Verstak, Kyu Jin Hwang, Linghua Jin, Philippe David, Anurag Acharya