Rewarding Rust contributors with Google Open Source Peer Bonuses

logo showing a trophy cup in the Google colors, with the text “Google Open Source Peer Bonus” below it
We are very excited to reward 25 open source contributors, specifically, for their work on Rust projects! 

At Google, Open Source lies at the core of not only our processes but also many of our products. While we try to directly contribute upstream as much as possible, the Google Open Source Peer Bonus program is designed to reward external open source contributors for their outstanding contributions to FOSS, whether the contribution benefits Google in some way or not.

The Rust programming language is an open source systems programming language with a strong focus on memory safety. The language has a caring community and a robust package ecosystem, which have heavily contributed to its growing popularity. The Rust community shows dedication to maintaining quality packages and tooling, which we at Google are quite thankful for.

Among many other things, Google uses Rust in some open source projects, including Android, Fuchsia, and ICU4X; and has been participating in the efforts to evaluate Rust in the Linux Kernel. Google is also a founding member of the Rust Foundation.

Below is the list of winners who gave us permission to thank them publicly:




For work on rustc_codegen_gcc

Asherah Connor

For maintaining comrak

David Hewitt

For maintaining PyO3

Dirkjan Ochtman

For maintaining rustls and quinn

Frank Denis

For maintaining rust-ed25519-compact

Gary Guo

For maintaining Rust for Linux

Jack Grigg

For integrating RustCrypto into Fuchsia

Jack Huey

For highly involved rust compiler work fixing a large number of crashes around higher-kinded types.

Joe Birr-Pixton

For building rustls

Joshua Nelson

For improving the developer workflow for contributing to Rust itself


For creating tinyvec and bytemuck

Mara Bos

For work on the Rust Libraries Team and the 2021 Rust Edition

Nikita Popov

For maintaining the Rust compiler’s LLVM backend

Pietro Albini

For maintaining crucial Rust infrastructure and working on the Rust core team

Ricky Hosfelt

For maintaining cargo-outdated

Sébastien Crozet

For creating dimforge

Simonas Kazlauskas

For maintaining the Rust compiler’s LLVM backend

Thank you for your contributions to the Rust projects and ecosystem! Congratulations!

By Maria Tabak, Google Open Source and Manish Goregaokar, Rustacean Googler