Preparing for universal ads in DCM

As you may have heard, universal ads are launching to DCM accounts throughout November and December 2015. The centerpiece of these new ads is a set of unified compatibilities that remove the distinction between in-app and in-page environments. To learn more, visit our DCM user or partner support sites.

What does this mean for DCM/DFA Reporting and Trafficking API users?

Currently, the API does not expose these new compatibilities, although full support is coming in a future release. Until then, the in-app and in-page compatibilities you currently use will remain available. This means that there are no immediate changes necessary to your applications, but you may notice some discrepancies between the values presented by the API and UI:

API compatibility
New UI compatibility
In-app interstitial
In-stream video
Display interstitial

What can API users do to prepare?

To make your future transition to universal ads easier, we recommend that API users begin transitioning off of in-app placements now. Be aware that it will no longer be possible to traffic in-app placements once universal ads support is added to the API, and existing in-app placements will not be automatically converted to use the new unified compatibilities.

Instead, newly trafficked placements should be created using in-page compatibilities. These placements will be mapped directly to the new unified compatibilities (as seen in the table above), making them immediately eligible to serve in both environments.

Questions about this or anything else DCM API related? Contact us via our support forum.