Partnering with Intel and SAP on Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory for SAP HANA

Our customers do extraordinary things with their data. But as their data grows, they face challenges like the cost of resources needed to handle and store it, and the general sizing limitations with low latency in-memory computing workloads.

Our customers' use of in-memory workloads with SAP HANA for innovative data management use cases is driving the demand for even larger memory capacity. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries on GCP’s instance sizes and exploring increasingly cost-effective ways to run SAP workloads on GCP.

Today, we’re announcing a partnership with Intel and SAP to offer GCP virtual machines supporting the upcoming Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory for SAP HANA workloads. These GCP VMs will be powered by the future Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (code-named Cascade Lake) thereby expanding VM resource sizing and providing cost benefits for customers.

Compute Engine VMs with Intel Optane DC persistent memory will offer higher overall memory capacity with lower cost compared to instances with only dynamic random-access memory (DRAM). This will help enable you to scale up your instances while keeping your costs under control. Compute Engine has consistently been focused on decreasing your operational overhead through capabilities such as Live Migration. And coupled with the native persistence benefits of Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory, you’ll get faster restart times for your most critical business applications.

Google Cloud instances on Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory for SAP HANA and other workloads will be available in alpha later this year for customer testing. To learn more, please fill out this form to register your interest.

To learn more about this partnership, visit our Intel and SAP partnership pages.