October 2022 update to Display & Video 360 API v2

Today we’re announcing the October 2022 update to Display & Video 360 API v2, which is still in beta. This update includes the following features:
  • Partial insertion order targeting write support for a subset of targeting types with the addition of create and delete methods to the insertion order AssignedTargetingOptions service.
  • The ability to duplicate an existing line item to create a new line item with identical settings and assigned targeting under the same insertion order.
More detailed information about this update can be found in the Display & Video 360 API release notes and updated instructions on migrating from v1 to v2 can be found in our migration guide. Before using these new features, make sure to update your client library to the latest version.

If you have questions regarding the breaking changes or run into issues or need help with these new features, please contact us using our support contact form.