No-cost VM migration to Google Cloud Platform now available with CloudEndure

When Google Cloud meets with large customers, it’s clear they're managing years of investment in on-prem tools and applications — many of them still mission-critical. One of the most common questions we field is how to get the cost, performance and innovation of cloud using the talent and tech they have today.

We're committed to a seamless transition to the cloud, and in an effort to facilitate our customers’ journeys, we’re collaborating with CloudEndure, a cloud migration and disaster recovery provider, to offer a no cost, self-service migration tool for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers.

The joint CloudEndure/GCP VM Migration Service allows you to migrate virtual machines and physical servers from their existing environment — whether the source machines are on-prem or already in the cloud — into GCP with near-zero downtime and little to no disruption. The service is offered at no charge, although customers may incur costs for the machines created as well as ephemeral helper instances that orchestrate the migration.

We’ve prepared a tutorial for you on how to use the new CloudEndure migration service here. We’ve also created a webinar that will air March 2 (and on-demand thereafter) that details the solution’s full benefits. We look forward to seeing you in the cloud!