New solutions in AdWords Scripts

Three new solutions are now available in AdWords scripts!

Large Manager Hierarchy Template

The new Large Manager Hierarchy Template solution is a manager account script that helps you run script logic on large manager account hierarchies.

If you have a large number of accounts in your manager hierarchy, then you know that running a script across all of them can be challenging. Working on them in parallel using executeInParallel limits a script to a maximum of 50 accounts per execution, while iterating through them sequentially can cause a script to time out if you have too many accounts.

The new Large Manager Hierarchy Template solution helps address this challenge by processing a different subset of accounts each time it executes, keeping track of its work in a temporary file on Google Drive. You can fill in a section of the template with the actual processing logic you want to perform on your accounts.

BigQuery Exporter

The new BigQuery Exporter solution helps you export your AdWords reports to BigQuery. Separate versions are available for AdWords accounts and AdWords manager accounts.

If you want to run big data analytics on your AdWords accounts, you can leverage Google’s infrastructure using BigQuery, which provides a low-cost solution for querying massive datasets. Export your AdWords data daily and then run queries to find trends and optimize your results.

The new BigQuery Exporter solution creates a BigQuery dataset and tables, downloads AdWords reports and loads the data into BigQuery. You can define which reports and fields to upload in the config section of the script. Take a look at the manager account version to run across multiple accounts.

TV Schedule Bid Coordination

The TV Schedule Bid Coordination script coordinates campaign bid modifiers in an AdWords account with an arbitrary schedule as specified in a Google Sheet.

A typical use case of this script is to coordinate an increase in bids on your AdWords campaigns to coincide with your existing TV campaigns. However, other similar use cases are possible, such as coordinating your campaign bid modifiers with a series of sporting events.

If you have any questions or feedback about these solutions or AdWords scripts in general, you can post them in our developer forum.