New features in AdWords scripts

We have made the following changes to AdWords scripts.

Support for passing arguments into parallel functions

You can now use a string argument to pass account-specific information into a parallel function when using the MccApp.executeInParallel() method. The code snippet below shows how to use this feature:

function main() {
// Select the accounts you want to process.
var accountSelector = MccApp.accounts().withIds([1234567890, 3456787890]);

// Construct a config object that contains account-specific information.
var accountFlags = {
'1234567890': {
'label': 'Brand 1 campaigns',
'3456787890': {
'label': 'Brand 2 campaigns',

// Convert the config object into a string.
var optionalInput = JSON.stringify(accountFlags);

// Process accounts in parallel.
"afterProcessAllClientAccounts", optionalInput);

function processClientAccount(args) {
// Convert the account flags from string to config object.
var accountFlags = JSON.parse(args);
var accountConfig =

// Process your client account here.
var label = accountConfig['label'];

function afterProcessAllClientAccounts(results) {
Learn more about working on accounts in parallel.

Support for clearing ad group bid modifiers

You can now use the clearMobileBidModifier() method of AdGroup to clear bid modifiers at the ad group level and default to the campaign-level bid modifier.

Support for Upgraded URLs in app extensions

We have added support for Upgraded URLs in app extensions. The setLinkUrl() method in MobileApp, AccountMobileApp, CampaignMobileApp and AdGroupMobileApp classes and withLinkUrl() method of MobileAppBuilder class have been marked deprecated and will start throwing user errors on July 1, 2015. If you use any of these methods in your script, make sure you update them to use the setFinalUrl() / withFinalUrl() methods instead.

Deprecated CallOnly field in phone extensions

We have deprecated the call-only field in phone extensions. The following methods have been marked as deprecated and will start throwing user errors on June 14, 2015: If your ad extensions use the call-only feature, migrate your campaigns to call-only campaigns by following the instructions here.

Transition to viewable cost-per-thousand impression (CPM)

We’d like to remind you that later this year, all cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) bids will transition to a new type of bid called viewable CPM (vCPM), and CPM bidding will no longer be available. You can learn more about vCPM on our help center.

AdWords scripts already use the correct CPM version, based on campaign settings, so no code changes are required from your end for this transition. Our updated documentation now refers to CPM as the generic cost-per-thousand impression bidding instead of a specific flavor (e.g., maxCPM or vCPM).

If you have any questions about these changes or AdWords scripts in general, you can post them on our developer forum.