Maps Minutes Hack #6: Find holiday hot spots with Explore on Google Maps

Part of our series on how to save time this holiday season with Google Maps.

If you're headed out on vacation, visiting friends and family in a new city or re-discovering your old favorite places over the holidays, this one's for you. With the Explore feature, available on both Android and iOS, you’ll feel like a local no matter where you are this holiday season.

Android experience
Android users in the U.S. can simply open Google Maps and tap “Explore food & drinks near you” at the bottom of the screen to see local recommendations. You can get results for breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner and drinks among curated lists like “Where the locals go” or “Best spots for dinner with kids.” Once you’ve tapped on a list, you can swipe through place cards with more details like ratings, review snippets and distance from your location. Pick a place to see the address, up-to-date open hours, popular times, Street View imagery and more.

iOS experience
On iOS, just open the Google Maps app and tap on “Explore around you” at the bottom of the map to see recommendations of places to indulge and imbibe along with places to see and things to do. iPhone users can sort their options by how long it would take to walk or drive to the destinations as well as time of day. Curated lists range from “Local favorites” to “Quick bites” to a special “Featured by Zagat” option. The “Play & see” list will show you places to go like museums, historical monuments, live music venues and more. Simply scroll through the place cards to see abbreviated info and tap on your favorite to get more details.

Whether you’re using Android or iOS, save time this holiday season by checking the up-to-date open hours to make sure you don’t arrive to find a closed sign in the window and reviewing the popular times to avoid holiday crowds.

Make the most of your time with Maps Minutes hacks. Next up: searching for places and getting turn-by-turn directions—all while offline.

Posted by Olga Suvorova, Product Marketing Manager, Google Maps

Source: Google LatLong