Maps Minutes Hack #4: Get a Street View snapshot of your holiday travel and shopping destinations

You may have used Street View to tour the canals of Venice, gazed in wonder at the ice fjords in Greenland, or gone on a virtual safari in Samburu. But did you know Street View can also be a useful sidekick for travel and shopping this holiday season? Now, airports and shopping malls may not be as dramatic to look at as the Pyramids of Giza, but using Street View in your Google Maps app for Android or iOS, gives you a preview of your journey or shopping destination before you head out, reducing some holiday season anxiety. Just check out this map of global airports, transit stations and shopping malls so you can know before you go.

Whether you’re hopping on a flight in Mexico City, managing a tight layover in Madrid, navigating through check-in in San Jose, experiencing a delay in Osaka, or trying to find the quickest exit route to bask in the glorious sun in Bali, Street View gives you a look at the corridors, check-in counters, baggage claims, airport terminals and shops before you land. Pro tip: it’s also a great way to scope out nearby bathrooms if you’re traveling with kids!

If you’re planning to take the train, navigate through Victoria Station in London, Keikyu Shinagawa Station in Tokyo, Milano Centrale in Italy, and Seoul Station in Korea (to name a few!), so you can be one step ahead, whether you’re with a group of friends, family or a baby stroller.

Navigating holiday shopping crowds is never easy. Getting a preview of your shopping destination can save you some time. See the shops before you hit the road, and decide which end of the mall you want to visit, whether you’re picking up gifts at the Strand Arcade in Sydney, Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi or Westgate Center in San Jose, California.

Don’t let seasonal stress get you down during holidays. With Street View in Google Maps on your Android or iOS device, whether you’re trying to navigate smooth travels or tackling shopping madness, you can see how to get where you’re going faster and easier, and hopefully save a little time. Happy holidays!


Source: Google LatLong