Managed Android devices must upgrade to Android Device Policy during March 2023

What’s changing 

In 2019, we announced that a new Android management client, Android Device Policy, would replace the legacy Google Apps Device Policy client. We’re now in the final stages of this upgrade. 

All devices with the Google Apps Device Policy will lose access during March 2023 if they have not already upgraded. Existing Google Apps Device Policy app users must switch to Android Device Policy before then to continue syncing work data. Note that, per our last update, the new user registration flow on the legacy Google Apps Device Policy will be blocked and users may see errors during the registration process as of January 2022. Admins can act directly from the alert in the Admin console to identify users who need to upgrade.

Visit the Help Center to learn more about migrating to Android Device Policy and our previous announcement for more information.

Getting started 

Rollout pace

  • Devices on the old agent will lose access during March 2023. 
  • Android Device Policy is available now and all users should upgrade to avoid disruption.  


  • This change impacts Google Workspace customers who use basic and advanced mobile management.