Magicbricks Stays Up and Running With Real-Time Monitoring From Google Analytics 360

Magicbricks is India’s top high-end property portal. The website caters to a global market with its unique services and novel online features for both buyers and sellers. Given their commitment to user experience and performance across their site’s global operations, they needed a real-time solution to monitor and optimize against their key digital KPIs.

The company worked with Tatvic Analytics Private Limited, a Google Analytics 360 Certified Partner, to develop a way to reduce website downtime and promptly alert management when outages would occur. Using this real-time anomaly alerts platform, the company would clearly see variances in KPIs and move quickly to troubleshoot and fix them.

The results of this real-time monitoring solution were impressive – response time for detecting errors and unexpected behavior has improved by 70%. 
“As a No.1 property portal, Magicbricks aims to provide our users with an outstanding experience to help them make confident property decisions. Google Analytics 360 helped us measure various unexpected website behaviors which were hampering user experience. The response time for detecting errors, unexpected behavior, and monitoring performance improved by 70% after we deployed this anomaly detection solution.” Sudhir Pai, CEO of Magicbricks
How did they go about building their real-time monitoring solution? First, they defined key metrics for real-time anomaly detection checks. Second, they created their real-time monitoring platform using Google Analytics 360 data processed through Real Time and Management APIs. Third, they applied an anomaly algorithm to data to calculate deviations in real time. Fourth, alerts were sent via SMS to different leaders within the company when variances in KPIs occurred. Learn more about the details in the full case study.
The automated SMS alert system has been improved to detect outages, determine severity, and provide real-time performance updates to senior and middle managers throughout Magicbricks. Today the full Magicbricks team can make the most of these real-time insights to keep the site up and running―and earning more every day.

Posted by Cathy Candano and Daniel Waisberg, Google Analytics team.