Love is stronger than hate

Too many young Australians still face homophobia or transphobia. That’s why this Mardi Gras, we’ve teamed up with not-for-profit Twenty10 to show that love is stronger than hate.

We’re going to create an Australia-wide musical collaboration - and we would like you to be involved. We’re asking people to contribute a lyric for a love song, which Toby Martin, one of Australia’s best singer-songwriters, will then turn into a song and perform on the main stage at Fair Day this Sunday, February 22.

You can submit your own lyric here.

For every lyric submitted, we’ll give $10 to Twenty10 (up to a maximum of $10,000), which will go towards helping young LGBTIQ Australians with emergency housing, counselling and other support.

If you’re in Sydney this weekend, pop along to our Fair Day stand and chat to one of our Gayglers and friends about diversity at Google. Happy Mardi Gras!