Introducing the Google Maps APIs Udacity course

The Google Maps Operations team gets to work with thousands of developers each year to create great user experiences and powerful analytics built on maps and location data. We drew from these experiences to create a brand new Google Maps APIs course, in collaboration with Udacity, that teaches developers best practices when using our web APIs.
Google Maps 03.jpg

The new course, available today for free, gives you step-by-step tutorials that demonstrate how to integrate maps and location features into your website, and how to get useful location related data using various Web Service APIs.

You’ll walk through building a real-estate listings site using a uniquely styled Google map, data visualization, and street view panoramas. You’ll practice developing location-related features: calculate distance between locations, get directions, and view places of interest data.
You’ll also see other examples of Google Maps APIs in action and learn how to secure and monitor your deployment using the Google APIs Console. At the end of the course, you’ll have built your first map-enabled site and be ready to create your own projects using location data, services, and maps!

Whether you’re new to Google Maps APIs or just want a refresher, head over to Udacity to learn about how to start adding location features and map visualizations into your websites, today!

I happily joined Google in September, 2015. I love working with the Google Maps APIs because they are easy to build with and enable end users to have an intuitive, familiar experience in any site or app. Outside of Google I like to play Zelda, eat pizza and drink coffee with my dog.