Introducing simpler conversation creation in Google Chat

What’s changing

Currently, when starting a new Google Chat conversation on the web, you are prompted to select “Start group conversation” before typing the name(s) of who you’d like to chat with. 

Starting today, the process to create conversations in Chat will be much simpler by combining the flow for creating one-on-one conversations and group conversations. We’re removing the “Start group conversation” option, and enabling you to create conversations with the desired number of recipients right away by simply typing the names of the recipient(s). 
simple chat creation

Who’s impacted 

End users 

Why it matters 

With this update, users can create Chat conversations in one consistent and intuitive way, whether with one person or a group. Additional details There will be no changes to the process for creating new spaces, browsing spaces, or sending messages to existing spaces. 

Getting started 

  • Admins: There is no admin control for this feature. 
  • End users
    • Open Google Chat on web > select “New chat” > type the names or emails of chat recipients > select from suggestions shown or hit Enter. Once you’ve included everyone you want in the conversation, click “Start chat” or hit Enter again. 
      • Tip: To start a conversation with one person directly, you can click the “Start chat” icon next to their name or use the keyboard shortcut Cmd [icon]+Enter (MacOS) or Ctrl+Enter (Windows, Linux, ChromeOS). 

Rollout pace 

  • Rapid Release domains: Extended rollout (potentially longer than 15 days for feature visibility) starting on January 11, 2023 
  • Scheduled Release domains: Gradual rollout (up to 15 days for feature visibility) starting on February 3, 2023 


  • Available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers 
  • Available to users with personal Google Accounts